Our comprehensive digital marketing platform and interactive dashboard lets you view and track all of your marketing efforts in one location with visual reporting. We’ll know instantly what is and isn’t working, and make changes accordingly. We’ll also take time each month for a one-on-one check-in, to review your campaign performance and go over what we have planned for the coming month.

Digital Marketing Platform

What’s Included

Listings & Review Management

Audits and corrects your business listing accuracy and consistency across all search and listings platforms. Includes review monitoring, making it easy to view and respond to client reviews across all platforms.

Call Tracking

Includes unique trackable phone numbers that we will assign to each area of the campaign. Phone calls made to these trackable numbers will be recorded, and you’ll be provided with the contact name, location, and call duration. Discover which phone calls are converting to sales, and where the originated from.

Email Marketing

Send one customized, effective email per month (up to 1,500 email addresses), and track the open rates, click through rates, and develop leads. Includes email design and help generating content; email lists not provided.

Social Media

Includes designing social media graphics each month along with strategic boosting for your social media posts.

Search Engine Optimization

Includes researching keywords specific to your market.  We’ll be able to monitor which keywords are performing well and make instant adjustments, as needed.

Pay Per Click Digital

Targeted digital ads specifically designed for your business or organization. Design of digital ads is included.

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